Its Skyrim Come To Life.

Skyrim maybe just be a game. It maybe one you long forgot about. However during one of our walks with Scarlett-Morgan, we stumbled across this place, that looked like the Falkreath Area of Skyrim. It was like we were suddenly transported into a real version of the game.

As an avid gamer herself, Scarlett-Morgan was overjoyed at the beauty of this spot. Like installing a nude mod, she whipped off her clothes and ran amongst the greenery with youthful pleasure.

The birds were singing, butterflies where flitting about, and a gentle breeze caressed her lovely form. That is what life is about. Enjoying the simple wonderful moments like these. Always male the most of it.

Skyrim may have just been a game, but there are pockets of Skyrim everywhere, the once one we found with Scarlett-Morgan. All you have to do is just look and enjoy.

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