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Loads of pretty models

You might see terms like NSFW. You are made to feel bad about looking at beautiful nude women. Not here. At Nude-Muse Magazine you can look and enjoy as many nude women as you like. We are human and we appreciate beauty anywhere we see it. A beautiful place, or car or a beautiful woman in an expensive dress. How about with out that dress? How about totally nude? Now you can. Not just photos but also High Definition videos. We have over 600 videos on site now and more added every week. Join us to see them all.

High def videos 1080p

We have expert nude hosts that will give you the latest news, information or interviews with the hottest nude models in Australia. You get to see what happens during a photo shoot, behind the scenes, with all the best bits captured just for you. You get the front row seat everytime, and download it, all in clear 1080 HD. We make sure you don't miss anything, when you're a member.

Video articles

It started with "Cooking in the raw", and expanding to new areas like "Travel in the Raw", and the "Nude News" with more shows being added with your support.

Value for money

You get access to everything we have ever photographed or videoed since 2004. Our prices have stayed the same since january 2009. Your membership gets you access to all that and new articles, shows and interviews as we add them every week. For the price of one meal that you crap out the next day, you get to keep and enjoy the most attractive totally nude models for years to come. What is better? a burger that you enjoy for 5 minutes or a hot nude model that you can enjoy for a ifetime?

Art that isn't boring

With hundreds of thousands of nude photos, you will find that we try to bring as much variety as possible. Every set has unique and varied poses. Most of the models are very comfortable in their skin and will pose in very revealing ways, just to get that awesome angle, to see the beauty of the nude female form in as many interesting ways as possible. We try to leave nothing out, because every part of the nude body is worth looking at!

Nows your chance to become a member

Now is your chance to make it all happen. You are now just one click and a form away from getting to see all of this and more. This is your chance to join an elite club of people who believe in appreciating beauty the way it was intended...Nude! Come and see why most people who join us, choose to stay with us.


Membership Rates

All Prices have remained the same since January 2009. We now offer Euro and Australian Dollar options and even Bitcoin. All prices based on equivalent US dollar amount

  • US $9.95 - 7Days
  • US $19.95 - 1 Month - Rebilled at $16.95/month
  • US $49.95 - 3 Months - Rebilled at $41.95/ 3months
  • US $75 - 6 Months - Rebilled

All subscriptions are recurring billing

Pay By Credit Card, Direct Debit, Online Check, 1900 Billing US and Europe, Asian Card

To cancel your subscription visit the verotel website because they keep changing their links, so that button below might not always work.

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