Naked Freedom

With Government and corporate surveillance and the constant threat of security issues, nudists are the least likely to hide anything. Their simple act of nudity is a statement of fact that what you see is what you get. Scarlett-Morgan is the same, in that what you see is what you get. A truly lovely person.

If we have body scanners and the like, why aren’t people able to voluntarily go naked on a plane? Why can’t people go naked in shopping centres where security is about making sure people don’t steal? Just look at them and you can see that there isn’t a laptop shoved under a shirt. You definitely can’t fit one in your ass, and would be very obvious if anyone were to try.

In a crowd of clothed people, the nudist would stand out as the one least likely to be hiding anything. Nudity is a basic human right. A right that is too often trodden on.

It seems pretty clear that the only rights we have are the ones we are given. That the only things protected are the ones we are told is protected. Offense is what we are told is offensive. We don’t have a choice. We don’t have a right.

So nudists have to keep being criminals and practice their way of life away from the main stream and away from everyday life in secret spots, secret gardens and special locations, which give the illusion of freedom and the right to go nude. Step outside and go for a stroll away from those areas and you will see just how fast your rights extend.

Even if it is technically legal in your area you will be arrested, or get a warning, or a fine. You then have to fight it in court to claim back your legal rights. Very few do and just take the fine or sentence as it is easier to plead guilty than fight it. Which makes headlines and reinforces the false assumption that the nudist did something wrong. How is that fair or right? It isn’t.

It maybe why nudists are still oppressed in many ways and areas in society because of what we stand for. We are the ultimate symbol of freedom. We represent that you don’t need things and objects to live happy and free. You don’t need to go shopping every weekend to have fun and laugh and enjoy your time on this planet with family and friends.

Any right we have earned was through civil disobedience. In the 70’s and 80’s women risked fines to go topless on beaches and won. Topless beaches where everywhere. I remember as a kid when you went to a beach, there was almost a sea of bare breasts. Somewhere along the way that victory was lost or squandered.

There are still people like Scarlett-Morgan who practice their naked freedom and go nude regardless. There is still hope that one day going nude will be a freedom every person will have the right to practice. It is something to hope for. Something to aim for.

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