A Glorious Nude World.

We have wanted to do a sunset photo shoot with Scarlett-Morgan for quite some time now. Finally we got the chance to do so, and wow was it a glorious one.

We wanted to capture the sun setting over the city as well as the beautiful natural surroundings we live in. This long rock wall was the perfect setting. It is used by many local fishermen and as you will see they didn’t mind Scarlett-Morgan's nudity one bit.

Sunsets are for me personally amazing. I love how the light changes from the vibrant yellows, to a more golden colour, then gradually fades to oranges and reds. Hughes of blue enter the scene in the sky and shadows as the warm of the sun begins to fade, being replaced by the colder darker tones of night. The sun gives one last reminder that it will be back in the morning, with one last burst of light as it dips behind the horizon and sets the clouds alight with colour. I hope these changes have been captured in this series.

As for the fishermen. Although they did glance over every now and then, although they chatted a friendly banter amongst themselves and remarking about not seeing sights like Scarlett-Morgan's breathtaking nudity every day, they remain respectful and kept their distance. They behaved in a civilised way, that at no point did Scarlett-Morgan feel threatened. In fact she felt very comfortable and stayed nude for a while after the photo shoot and had a chat.

That is how a clothes optional society can behave. We can have a joke (like the fellow walking by) and laugh, but then carry on our normal way. It proves that there is hope for a world where nudity could be a viable alternative to everyone. It just added to the glorious sunset that day with Scarlett-Morgan.

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