Go on. Try it!

For many people being at home means to be as comfortable as possible. That is usually being nude. Scarlett-Morgan is no exception to this. When she gets home, off comes the clothing.

Most people reading this will be nodding in agreement and may already be nude as they read this. While others it may seem like a strange idea. It may seem strange because you have spent your entire lives clothed.

Think about that. Apart from getting clean in the bathroom, you have spent nearly every moment of your entire life wearing clothes. Your skin has not had a break for almost a lifetime. It has been shut away from air and sunlight for that long.

If there has ever been a place where you can go nude or at the very least just to try it out and see what all the fuss is about, then going nude at home is the perfect place to start. It is private, you can control the temperature and you can try it out for yourself without being judged. Gon on try it out. Right now. Take off everything and do the chores around the house.

That first moment of freedom from clothes will feel great. Those first few tentative steps outside of the bedroom, in areas of the house you have never been completely nude before will feel strange at first. Washing the dishes or vacuuming the floor will seem strange while doing it nudeā€¦.at first.

However as time passes and the chores are done. You grab a cup of your favourite beverage and sit down for the first time nude. You will have forgotten that you actually are nude. You have become used to the feeling of being nude. Welcome to nudism!

This is the scenario for many nudists around the world. This is how many people around the world live. This is how Scarlett-Morgan lives at home. It is normal, natural, good for you and it just simply feels better. Enjoy!

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