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As Scarlett-Morgan and I stumbled upon this location, we both thought “highlands” at the same time. It looks a lot like a scene from some alpine region in europe or some Scottish scene. However it is right next to a beach in the sub tropics.

We can all agree that Scarlett-Morgan is a beautiful woman. She has been a pro-model for many years and has made countless appearances all over the country and internationally. She is also a nudist. She will go nude or at least topless whenever she can. Which can be hard when you live in busy city and the beaches nearby all ban nudity and even topless bathing by women. She also likes being nude at home.

Yet despite being a nudist, there are people in the nudist movement who would say that she isn’t a “real woman”, or a “true nudist”, just because of her profession and looks. It makes no sense. Last time we looked, and these photos seem to confirm our hypothesis, that Scarlett-Morgan is in fact a “real woman”. She is nude just as often as the most avid nudist out there. She is as comfortable being nude as she is clothed. She isn't embarrassed nor ashamed of nudity.

Some state that most women will feel insecure about being compared to Scarlett-Morgan. Anyone who knows her. Who really knows her, will know that she can be one of the nicest people around. That she doesn’t judge others by looks. I think sometimes she is blind to the way people look. Which is both a curse and a blessing at the same time.

However people will judge Scarlett-Morgan just by her looks alone. She is afraid to wear certain clothes to go shopping for fear of being judged by other women. She once said that she wore a slightly see through top to a nearby shop, and received verbal abuse by several other women at the shops.

What sort of society do we live in where we applaud obesity as being beautiful , but beauty as being trash? Yes a healthy curvy woman is beautiful. However there is a point where it is no longer curvy, but a hidden sickness that will ultimately lead to an early death.

Someone very close to me is morbidly obese. She has super high blood pressure, diabetes and needs a handful of medication everyday just to function. Her joints and back are slowly giving out on her due to the excessive load on her limbs. This is not healthy and should never be applauded. Obesity is not something we should clap, pat each others backs or celebrate. It is unhealthy, dangerous and a sickness that should be treated.

I am not a slim person anymore either. In the years I have accumulated the extra weight, I have noticed ny health drop drastically. I have had trouble climbing stairs that once were easy. My blood pressure is rising and could lead to a stroke if I don’t do something about it. Thankfully I have and still working on it to this day. I went from borderline diabetic to normal blood sugar with change of diet and moderate exercise in just a few months.

People like Scarlett-Morgan, should be our role model. We should aspire to be healthy and be as good as we all can possibly be. Instead of deluding ourselves into thinking that an unhealthy body is beautiful, we need to take a good look at ourselves and say to ourselves. Is this the best I can be? Is it truly the best? Obesity has risen so sharply since the 1960’s that many young people have never lived in a world where being obese was out of the ordinary. Where obesity was an actual illness. Not a fashion statement.

Mainstream media has played a huge part in telling us that not only is it okay to be obese, but that it is beautiful and we should be okay with that. Not thinking for a minute how much it is hurting people both physically and mentally. If you live with obesity on a daily basis, those few minutes of ego stroking will not help in combating a real disease. Facing it, accepting it, and seeking a treatment is the first true and important steps to take.

We all have to stop propagating the myth that being obese is good. Being fit healthy and mobile is what is good. Nothing feels better than the freedom of movement. Being able to wipe your own arse (yes many obese people have major issues in even doing this most basic function). These words may seem harsh, but tough love is sometimes what is needed to snap people out of their miasma.

True nudist are all people. We are all born true nudists. That is the one common link we all share regardless of ethnicity, religion, political views or whatever. We come in all shapes and sizes. We treat those with anorexia as a disease, yet we don’t seem to treat obesity the same way. There will always be larger, curvier, heavier set people. I am one of those. If your weight is healthy for you. That is, if you are in perfect health for your size then all is good. That is what we should celebrate. Good health. Looking and feeling good for our personal optimum. We can’t all be Scarlett-Morgan, as we can’t all be Orlando Bloom.

Instead of hating what others have, we should aspire to be the best we can be. We can all be better than what we are now. I know I can and I am working on it. I have made major improvements over the past few weeks that has seen my weight drop by a few kilos and my blood work going back to near perfect.

So next time you feel you need to bash a slim attractive woman for being slim and attractive. The next time you want to shout from the roof tops that being morbidly overweight is beautiful, think about this. See those stair in the photos? See if a morbidly obese person can climb those with ease. No. See if they can climb those at all. Although Scarlett-Morgan isn’t perfect (no one is), we should treat her as a role model, as an example of what to aim for. No we can’t all be like her (or the male equivalent), that isn’t the point. We can however all be better than what we currently are. That is what should be celebrated, clothed and nude.

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