Perfect Start To The Day

With each new dawn, a day is born. A day filled with unknowns. Death, life, happiness, sadness, are all possibilities with each new day. So make the most of every new day and live life to the maximum. That is what Scarlett-Morgan has done. What better way to greet a new day, than totally nude by the sea.

It is because every new day could be your last, have you done everything you have ever wanted to do? Are you putting it off for sometime in the future? Have you ever wanted to greet the rising sun while nude on a beach? If you haven’t maybe you should just get out and do it.

This was a special day with Scarlett-Morgan, because it was the very first day of Spring. The slight chill of winter was still upon us, but the adrenaline of what we were about to do was keeping us warm. We situated ourselves just meters away from a busy surf life saving club. People where already there in the gym doing their morning work out. People were jogging, walking their dogs or just enjoying their first sunrise of spring.

As members will see in the video, several people walked by during our photo shoot. Scarlett-Morgan was in full view of many doing their workout at the gym. No one was upset of her nude beauty. No one was upset at us making art as the sun rose. In fact I think many appreciated the beauty of what they saw.

Art whether it is in a photo, video, or in real life, is art nonetheless. Scarlett-Morgan nude form all on its own is a walking, living, breathing art form. That is not all she is. It is an important part of who she is.

Sometimes it is worth waking up early in the morning. Maybe you will be lucky to witness the dawn of a new day with a beautiful nude model. This was definitely a beautiful sunrise in every way.

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