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Spouse For a Year On A Tropical Island

For many people being stranded on a deserted island away from people, stress and technology is a blissful scenario. Add to the mix someone like Scarlett-Morgan and you have a recipe for never wanting to get back to civilisation.

There was an actual story about a guy who actually tried to live out this fantasy. Gerald Kingsland put out an advert in a newspaper looking for “spouse for a year on a tropical island”. He chose Lucy Irvine from 50 applicants to join him in this adventure. The downside was though it is an idyllic idea, there are so many other factors that he forgot to take into account. Like fresh water being available in the island. How to grow your own food or hunt. Make shelter and so much more. Yes sunning around nude with a beautiful woman is fantastic idea, especially on holiday, but to actually live that way off the grid requires a lot of knowledge. Sadly for this guy he and his partner had to be rescued. Lucy later wrote a book about her adventure which was later adapted into a movie called castaway with Oliver reed and Amanda Donohoe.

Despite someone else's lack of success, doesn’t make the idea of being nude in paradise any less appealing. If you have all the necessities of life, then this is the perfect way to be. Scarlett-Morgan agrees. She loves being nude on an empty beach just relaxing and enjoying the sun and sea.

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