The Right To Be Nude Or Topless

A beautiful sunny day by this lighthouse was the setting for this series of photos. We wanted to create a fusion of fashion and art, nudity and clothes, to show that both can work (even though Scarlett-Morgan prefers being nude. A few passers by agreed with us.

We agree with her. We think nude is better and more comfortable. We also acknowledge that some people like clothes, but this is where choice comes in. Scarlett-Morgan likes her fashion items. She likes her pretty clothing items. She also loves being nude, she loves having the freedom of being topless and she should have the same rights to do so as any guy.

It makes us wonder. Why stop there? Why is the rest of the body seen as taboo? Why have we been indoctrinated to think that only one part of the body (a penis and a vagina) are so bad, so dirty, so offensive that people must be fined or even jailed, because they go nude. The assumption by the “I don’t want people to show me their bits” brigade is that the intent of a nudist is to “expose themselves” and that is how the law is worded in many places. The truth is that a nudist does not undress to show off, but to undress to live life as they would with clothes, just without the clothes.. Can you see the difference? They don't undress to show off. They undress because they are more comfortabe nude.

In the mean time we love that Scarlett-Morgan was happy to pose nude next to this lighthouse, and even happier to note that the 10 or so people that saw her nude that day, where all fine with her nudity, some even complimented her looks. Sounds like the law must re-evaluate what they mean by “reasonable person”, because everyone there behaved reasonably and respectfully, when they saw Scarlett-Morgan totally nude.

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