What Is Art?

Most people have become totally detached from their nude bodies. Insisting on being clothed for every activity they do, including swimming. Eden understands this and discards her yellow bikini in favour of being totally nude. Seriously, what better way to go swimming than simply nude?

Eden's skin is the perfect swimsuit. It always fits her, it can get wet and drip dries, it never goes out of style and is the most comfortable thing she could ever be in. It is also ridiculous that just being nude, just being in her most natural state of dress, is deemed illegal in so many places. They way we are born, is illegal. Now that is stupid beyond anything words can describe.

Eden always swims nude every chance she gets. She loves the look of her bikinis, but loves the feeling and comfort of her bare skin. We think her natural swimwear is the best there is and hope you enjoy Eden swimming as naked as the day she was born.

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