What's In A Suit?

When conducting business, wearing a business suit is a standard form of dress. Scarlett-Morgan wants to find out, can a birthday suit substitute for a business suit? We think yes!

Let see why. The idea of a business suit is to dress smart and be seen that you are professional, know what you are doing and can conform to a certain standard. Scarlett-Morgan first wears a suit as it is traditionally worn. She does look quite smart. However there is a small issue. Under her clothes she is still nude. She is a nude person under that suit. She is still the same smart business woman. She tries various states of dress, all looking as smart as the next, then finally she is nude.

No matter how Scarlett-Morgan dresses. In her business suit, birthday suit or even her swimsuit (which can be the same as her birthday suit), she is still the same person. She is just as intelligent, just as capable whether she is nude or fully dressed. It is stupid to judge a person based on how they are dressed. One last point. We really only need one type of suit. The one we are born with.

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