First Time Nude Outdoors

Well Zoe has finally done it. This is her first full nude outdoor experience. The verdict? A huge thumbs up of approval. Why wouldn't she? It was a perfect sunny winter day, with warm sun and just a slight breeze. What is it about being nude next to water? Zoe felt totally at home. It was almost like she was born to be nude outdoors. Maybe we all are, if everyone was willing to try, they would feel the same.

Once you have tried being nude outdoors, with sun, and breeze on every part of your body. It is totally unrestricted. A feeling of real freedom, uninhibited, unencumbered, unfettered. You really start to feel like you belong there, belong with nature, with your surroundings. After a few hours you forget that you are totally nude, forget that others are too. Then you get to a state that you don't ever want to put clothes back on. You wish that you could just pick up your belongings, and drive home nude, get out of your car nude, wave at your neighbours nude and carry on with life nude.

For most this is just a dream, but all dreams can be made possible. One step at a time. The first step for anyone who has never been nude outdoors before, is find a secluded place, and get undressed. Go totally nude, even for just a few minutes. It is possible that one day being nude is just as normal as being clothed. That it will be just another fashion option. All it takes is a first step. Then another, then another. Each step leads to a journey and a destination. An achievement is just a series of steps taken one after another.

In the background you can see cars driving on the bridge. Clothed people busy going from one place to another. Worried what other people think, restricted by dress codes, restricted by self imposed ideas, conditioned ideas, ideas of false morality. Unknowing that a few hundred meters away, Zoe is totally nude, enjoying her freedom from clothing, enjoying the sun, the sound of birds, the wind in her hair. Which would you rather be? The clothed person in the car driving to an appointment? Or where Zoe is, nude and at peace?

Zoe loved her experience and wants to do more. Working as many hours as she does, makes it difficult, but she will whenever she can. Even if it is just for the camera's of Nude-Muse. We on the other hand just loved the castaway feel of Zoe, nude by the river. As if she was washed up on the shore, like the driftwood around her. Drifting through life, nude as the day we were born.

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