Story Of Winter And A Chair

Some of us stand apart, other stand alone. Some do both. Winter, just stands out of the crowd. However we all need to get away from the crowd from time to time. Have some peaceful time alone to clear the mind.

While we are alone and communing with nature why not do it nude? There is no better way really, especially when the weather is perfect. This series of nudes with Winter is about all these things and the aestheticness of a nude on a white chair in the middle of a mud flat. It was tranquil. The water almost totally still. The sun warm and no one around. So we thought.

Toward the end of the photo shoot, Winter yelled out "your camera bag!". There was my camera bag floating in the water. The tide had started to come in so fast, that it was only 10 minutes earlier I did a bag check and there was still plenty of sand bar left dry. Well that was the end of that. We packed up and headed to shore. On the way in we met a couple of workers, who smiled at Winter and said, "was it nice out there?" Winter smiled back and said "yes it was". Well at least they had something interesting to say when they got back to the depot :)

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