Something Wonderful.

Once in a while something wonderful happens. Venus-Rose experiences something wonderful on a regular basis. She gets to go nude outdoors in some of the most beautiful spots.

It is something we can all experience if we set aside the time to do so. Life is short. Far too short to sit behind a cramped desk all day. Far too short to sit in front of a TV or staring at your phone. There is a whole beautiful natural world out there for us to see and feel. Doing so nude is just the cherry on the proverbial cake.

Feeling the earth under your bare feet. The warm breeze or the cool water flowing over your entire body. The sun shining on your bare bottom. The feeling of being without barriers or restrictions when nude amongst trees and the birds, as the sun filters through the leaves. It is something truly wonderful. It is something Venus-Rose loves and encourages you to try it out one day, if you haven’t done so already.

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keira autumn branches

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