Summer Time

Summer time. Time for holidays, parties or just relaxing. Time for the beach if you live near one. Time to swim and sunbathe. Tiffani loves all these things about summer. Sadly she has to wear a tiny bit of cloth most of the time. Happily, she isn’t one to follow the rules and goes without a bikini whenever she can.

We believe that all swimming areas should be clothes optional. Anyone acting in an illegal way should be dealt with the same way as clothed people are dealt with. That doesn’t change with or without clothes. We have always said it's not the state of clothes that define bad behaviour….its behaviour of the person. Clothing doesn’t denote high morality or good behaviour.

Tiffani should be able to enjoy summer while totally nude if she wants to. Any activity she can do clothed should also be allowed while nude. Swimming and sunbathing is just one example.

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