Born To Be Nude

The nude body is just simply beautiful. Tiffani is no exception. Her stunning body is a sight to behold even just standing still. However when you add dimension, and movement, you get something spectacular.

Last week we talked about nudity slowly getting more acceptance in society, despite the journey being a long one. Mostly due to the resistance of those that feel “offended” by nudity.

The funny thing is, that being offended by someone without clothes, is just irrational. We don’t have that “irrationality” as children, yet at some point it is “taught” to us. I prefer to call it either brainwashing or forcibly altering a natural mindset.

Take a look at Tiffani. That beautiful nude body, is the one she was born with. It is hers for life. It is the only thing her mind has, that she can communicate and experience the world with. Yet we are told that doing so without a few millimeters for fabric for cover, she is immoral, a harlot, attention seeker, and so many other negative stereotypes given to anyone that is happy to be nude.

Our bodies are just another biological entity. A living machine. A vessel we cart around our conscious in. Why is a few pieces of cloth so important for anything other than warmth? It simply isn’t. Clothing doesn’t make a person good. Look at all the evil done in the world by clothed people. Clothing didn’t stop atrocities from taking place.

Anyone that repeats doctrine parrot fashion has no argument. Nudity is normal and more and more people are finding this out every day. More and more brave individuals like Tiffani, put their nudity out into the world to be seen and like it or not, judged by all. Either positively or negatively.

Thankfully Tiffani is strong enough to withstand such critique and is happy to be nude. In fact she prefers it whenever she can. Nudity is just simply beautiful, both physically and emotionally.

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