Power Of The Ocean

A beautiful sunny morning, waves crashing on the rocks in the background and Tiffani soaking up the atmosphere of it all. There are times and places that just must be experienced nude. This is one of them.

The power of the ocean is amazing. It is tenacious, unrelenting, and beautiful to watch. Each of those crashing waves is chipping away at the rocks, bit by bit. Constant erosion shapes our planet and the shoreline. Is these very waves that change how our beaches and cliffs look like.

The power of the waves are beautiful to watch and so is Tiffani’s nude art performance. Every movement of her lithe body, every smile of pleasure from experiencing this nude shows that nudity is a beautiful experience. For some people it is spiritual, some pleasure, while others it is the most comfortable.

Combining Tiffani’s nude form with the Ocean’s power on full display in the background has helped make this a series of art nude to remember.

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