Its A Body.

It still boggles the mind why anyone would find the nude figure as “offensive”. Tiffani’s nude figure is the one she was born with. It is the one she has to live in her entire life. It is the one and only true form she has on this planet. Yet there are those that, claim to be inclusive, that claim to be care about our rights to express oneself, but only as long as you keep your clothes on.

It is insulting that Tiffani’s body has to be shamed and made to wear clothes, when she herself has stated on many occasions that she would rather be nude. Even as a child she would throw off her clothes and run around naked. She was literally and figuratively born nude.

Where are the rights of nudists. Where is the legal protection of people that live a nude lifestyle. Those whose culture is based around nudity? There are all kinds of legal rights protecting just about every group imaginable, but where is the rights of any nudist?

The nude figure, the nude body, our unclothed form, is very dear to us, as it is the one true physical representation of us as human beings. Yet people like Tiffani, who choose to express their nudity, is banned from most form of social media (usually) in the form of a shadow ban. The most insidious of all bans, as it is a sneaky ban that most people are unaware until they realise their reach to their audience/circle of influence is greatly diminished. All because she isn’t wearing clothes.

It doesn’t matter if you are the kindest, most upstanding citizen on earth, the moment you go nude and publish it uncensored, you are secretly labeled first by algorithms, then by censorial zealots as a bad person ,that must be punished (banned or worse),

We have come so far, yet it feels that in many ways we are going backward two steps for every one step forward. We hope one day that people like Tiffani will be able to present their nude form to the world without a worry or care.

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