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Never stop exploring is the graffiti on a cliff face. Tiffani being the adventurous type said she wanted to climb up and pose next to it. The sign resonated with her adventurous spirit.

How many of you have been adventurous enough to go nude outdoors? How many have explored a new place while nude? Those that have will know the feel of adrenaline, of treading new territory without a stitch of clothing on. Will you encounter others in your journey? A feeling of primal instinct. A link to our long distant past.

It gives you a tingle on the back of your neck and goosebumps across the skin as you imagine how our ancestors would have felt thousands of years ago. When clothing was not necessary, when being the way you were born was not seen as disgusting or perverted, but just the way it is. The way you are. They questioned nudity no more than the colour of our eyes or hair.

This fear of nudity was created long before you or I were born. We inherited a rule, a code, that we had no say or input into. Something that makes no sense. Something we don’t agree with. We are forced to live a way we never condoned or agreed to, but are simply told “it just is” without proper explanation. Because there is no proper justification.

Tiffani temporarily freed her shackles of clothes and went exploring nude. She said she will have more nude adventures and will never stop exploring.

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