Artful End To A Perfect Day

How many times have we stopped and just enjoyed the end of a beautiful day? Tiffani did just that with incredible series of art nudes.

First of all Tiffani is just a bundle of energy. She never seems to stop. She lives a very busy life and tries her best to balance work, fun, family and relaxation as best she can. Most of us have busy lifestyles. But why?

When was the last time you watched a sunrise or a sunset? When was the last time you sat by a river, ocean or lake and just watched the day fade into night. Listened to the sounds of nature without the sounds of human progress?

Some of you may not even remember it was so long ago. Tiffani and I went to this location to take some photos. A place neither of us have been before. We took a chance. On the way we saw three old men sitting by the lake, fishing. It was then I realised I could no longer hear the sounds of cars, planes or other people. Just the sound of insects buzzing, birds calling to each other and the occasional fish jumping out of the water.

The partial moon was high in the sky and there was no wind. Just a slight cooling breeze. The weather was warm but not hot. It was the perfect setting. Once we spied an old tree stump we knew we found the perfect spot for this set.

The rest you can see in the video and photos as Tiffani makes such beautiful shapes with her lithe form. A truly perfect end of a beautiful day we can share with all of you.

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keira autumn branches

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