Place Of Tranquility

There are things in life that are unplanned, unscripted, that turn out to be just perfect. This photo shoot with Tiffani is an example of this, at this eerily beautiful place.

Some of you may have recognized this place from where we shot one of Angela’s pregnancy photos sets. However nature doesn’t like to stagnate and stay the same. It changes, evolves, adapts. This is what has happened here.

As we were driving looking for a suitable place to do a photo shoot, Aims spotted this location from the road. I said to her that I already shot there with Angela, but something inside me said go take a look anyway. Glad i listened to my internal monologue.

The very moment we got there we all could see the eerie beauty of the place. Tiffani was excited be the place, but not so excited about the prospect of entering the water. The water was covered in plants growing at the surface and who knew what lurked beneath.

So I took of my shoes and offered to check it out for her. The wet soft mud oozed between my toes, but it was kind of a nice feeling. Like soft hands massaging your feet and delicate fingers going between your toes. There was the odd branch and rock but was clear otherwise.

With that out of the way Tiffani got undressed in a single motion and headed to the log sitting in the water. The rest is recorded in the photos and video of the amazing but eerily beautiful place.

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