What A View

What a great place to see the city. A beautiful skyline surrounded by lovely trees onm a perfect spring day. Tiffani does it all nude.

There is a funny story behind this series of photos. We arrived in the botanical gardens and figured to head up the hill to go see the views. On the way we saw signs that there will be blasting in the quarry next door about an hours time.

We figured okay that on the other side of the hill, no problem. So Tiffani go undressed and we just started the photo shoot. As you can see she really enjoyed being nude in such a lovely spot and even better view.

However there where a lot of ground staff driving their small of road vehicles around trhe place and Tiffani kept ducking out of view just in case. We never thought the sign and the people patrolling had any connection.

Eventually once we finished we found out that, that area was secured off just in case, for the blasting. The ground staff weren’t concerned about Tiffani’s nudity after all. They just wanted to make sure people where safe. Which is totally fair and understandable. Hence why Tiffani then did that topless experiment in a more public part of the gardens.

So do city views and Tiffani’s nudity work? The answer is yes. Yes it does.

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