Accepting Nude Bodies

The very first bit of artistry was dance. It was used to tell stories and help pass knowledge from one generation to the next. Tiffani uses her nude body for her own stunning artistry. Everybody’s body has a story to tell. It is a rich recording of a lifetime.

Many tribal people still use their bodies to tell a story or create their own traditional art, as these aboriginal people have with their emu dance. It is something we as humans have all done over the millennia. Nudity is/was a common part of this rich storytelling tradition. It was a part of everyday life. To this day it still is for many. Some might not do interpretive dance, but they will still live life nude.

It is this nudity that is in question all over the globe in one form or another. How much can you hide, before it is “indecent”, whatever happens to be considered indecent in that part of the world.

Our cultures vary from total covering from head to foot in what some call the “bee hive”, right through to totally nudity. Obviously there will not be agreement between them or anything in between, as to what is decent/indecent.

What can be achieved as agreement to let the other dress (or not dress) as they please or suits their way of life. The old saying “If you don’t like it, then don’t look”, is the simplest answer. Nudity has not harmed anyone and anyone in the name of nudity has, to the best of my knowledge, has ever hurt anyone because they didn’t go nude. However the same cannot be said of the opposite position. Many have been harmed or even killed, because they refused to dress a certain way, or went nude in place that had zero tolerance fro nudity.

Some say we need to respect other cultures, but what if they don’t respect nude culture in return? Respect has to be a two way thing. Civil disobedience has long been the way for many causes to go forth with their ideals. Men disobeyed rules about wearing tops on beaches in the 1930’s. Women disobeyed rules regarding one piece swimsuits in the 1950’s and started to wear bikini’s. Something that most people around the globe are comfortable with. The same can apply to nudity.

The human body is a beautiful thing. Beauty is subjective, just as art is. Tiffani is making her own art, in her own way. No part of the body, including nipples and genitals, are rude or indecent. They are just as much a part of the human body as toes, ears and eyes.

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