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What Is Art?

The art of the black scarf. A mysterious ancient art form only known to a few. Tiffani is a master practitioner in this fine form of artistry.

With her gymnastic and dance training Tiffani produces some of the most moving and beautiful images. She is a true talent, only surpassed by her beauty. Many artists of all types often struggle with themselves. Not seeing their true abilities, their creative expertise.

It is quite common for those with the least aptitude are the most confident in their ability, while those with true talent are usually the least. It is almost like art cannot happen without mental anguish. Not saying Tiffani falls into this category, but many artists do suffer.

Sometimes artists see the world in ways that others can’t even comprehend. They can see or even feel the world around them in such complex ways that it may even by another form of synesthesia.

Art is complex, personal, and sometimes confronting. It is a way for us to experience the world in ways we may not dare to experience ourselves normally, in day to day activities. It maybe that cognitive dissonance between the world of art and the daily grind, that many artists with a foot in each world, have a hard time to balance or resolve.

Art is also a way for ideas we normally dare not express in real life, are expressed in works of art. It provides discussion points and furthering of other complex ideas and philosophy. Yet we are in an era, when art should be at its peak in comparison to other times in history, yet it is subjected to the most stringent censorship in all of history.

Many artists are forced to censor their own works, even certain sensitive issues, or face social ostracism. No wonder so many artists are in mental anguish. If you think this is not an important topic, then imagine a world where nude artistic beauty like the ones you see here of Tiffani, wasn’t allowed to exist. Imagine that everywhere you turned it was being deleted, hidden.

We as a society are at a crossroads. It is up to us which way we go. The art of the black scarf is more than just a Tiffani making beautiful nude art. It represents either a bright future or a distant memory.

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