Sunshine Nude Sunshine Coast

The blue of the sky, ocean, pool and even the ball, might give the impression of the blues, but Sasha is reveling in the bright hot Australian sun. She loves nudity and being nude. Sasha finds the prudish Australian way of life to be quite puzzling and perplexing. Puzzling because there was a time in the 1980 when going tiopless on an Australian beach was a way of life. Threat of cancer, and an insidious rise of conservatism have seen an end to such public displays of nudity. Something that was normal and natural are now seen as taboo and morally suspect, all within a couple of decades. Frightening how quickly it can change.

When sunbathing on one of our beaches topless, she was told by a prudish member of our public, to put her top back on. Can’t people mind their own business. Sasha would have been sunbathing nude if she felt she was “allowed”. What has our society come to when people impose their outdated and incorrect out look on the human body.

In the mean time Sasha is enjoying the places she can go nude, to the fullest amount. And as a result we are also enjoying her beautiful nude form in this series of artistic nudes.

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