Day At The Beach

A day at the beach is a time for fun and relaxation. That is what Poppy and Venus-Rose wanted. Maybe a nice swim to cool off when the sun got too hot. They wanted to be nude on the beach. It was a an official nude beach after all. Well it turns out they were 100 meters too far north of an imaginary invisible line

At least that is what one kind local told them, so they would get a fine for enjoying the beach like any other beach goer would. So they shifted camp south by that imaginary 100m. That however raises some important questions. Since clothed and nude people both share the beach anyway. Since clothed people can get all offended from 100, 50 or 5 meters away from the magical invisible line that separates the two, since peoples full nudity is clearly visible, how is that “protecting the community”? How will that magical invisible line protect them from being “offended”?

Maybe because people aren’t really offended by nudity at all. Maybe people have actually stopped being offended decades ago and are still hanging onto this stupid outdated train of thought.

We heard from a local that a young family (a mum, dad and two young children) where fined for being nude in the non-nude sections just days earlier. Can you imagine the scene, with mum lying on the beach reading a book. While dad helps the children with making a sandcastle with a plastic bucket and shovel. Then along comes some burly police with guns and trunnions swinging from their hips handing out a fine because they are offending someone. Think of the children…..oh wait, they are nude too and couldn’t care less. They are just making sand castles like the clothed children.

If you steal a handbag doesn’t matter if you are totally nude or wearing clothes, that behaviour is wrong. That is why it is illegal. If you are walking the dog clothed or nude, it is still just walking the dog. Walking the dog is not illegal. Saying that doing it nude is illegal, is just enforcing a dress code. The law should not be there to enforce a dress code.

Lawmakers are so out of touch with reality and current community standards in regards to nudity that it is almost laughable. Yes they need to stop bad behaviour because there where men in the past that maturbated in full view of everyone, yes they did try to and in some cases did grab at women's breasts. Yes they did perform sex acts on the beach and those behaviours are illegal both clothed and nude. However they have to understand that not everyone that is nude is behaving badly.

Some people like Poppy and Venus-Rose just wanted a fun day out on the beach and enjoy each other's company. Just share gossip have a swim and get some sunshine. As any clothed group of people would. The sensible thing to do would be to make all beaches clothing optional and do actual proper policing by targeting actual bad behaviour, like they do elsewhere in society. Not by handing out fines to good people just enjoying the beach.

What made it all the more ridiculous, was that while Poppy and Venus-Rose where there, several groups of clothed people walked through the nude section without a care in the world about those nude around them. All beaches need to be clothing optional.

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