First Nude Expereince

This is the very first time Madisson has ever posed nude for the camera. It is an experience she enjoyed a lot. As many of you already know from your own experiences, being nude is a wonderful and liberating adventure.

After a lifetime of being walled off from the world by our clothing, and combine the constant shaming people receive when they do go nude, it is understandible why many are hesitant to give it a try. Even in their own homes.

Even the people we live, work and play with will influence how many will view nudity of any kind. Many will just repeat parrot fashion what they heard from another, equally ignorant person, about how nudity is bad, or shameful or will cause you to lose your job, or make it harder to get anywhere in life and so on. Basically people are continuing the perpetual motion machine of ignorance and bigotry to nudism, without even realising they are feeding the problem.

Thankfully amazing people like Madisson, ignore such uneducated views, and decided to try it for herself. She now has her own experience and can form an objective and honest view on what it is like going nude. Going nude in front of the whole world infact.

Thankfully more and more people are recounting their own nude experience and giving good, factual information about their own journey. This is the start of Madisson journey. We look forward to continuing this journey with Madisson, the nudie cutie, in the future.

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