A Race Against The Sun.

A cold winter evening, but the sky and air are crisp and clean. The sun is setting and we only have mear minutes of useable light. We are still several minutes away from our destination, trying make our way through peak hour traffic. That is the scenario with Lilly-Rae when we shot this “sunset ruin” set of photos.

Actually lets rewind a little bit. We knew we wanted to do a sunset styled set of photos, but didn’t want to do the usual type. We were hunting around for locations driving spot to spot but nothing looked quite right. Time was ticking and still no clue about location. Then I remembered the sunset shoot we did with Angela and thought there must be something in the vicinity that would work. However we were a good half an hour away and still had to wend our way through peak hour. We had no idea how long before the sun officially set and a sunset is not a sunset without the sun.

As we got closer I could see the sun going behind clouds and getting lower and lower on the horizon. It was a real race. Ever slow car, every truck wanted to impede our progress. Isn’t that typical? We had just one more traffic light to contend with and it was turning from green to Amber as we approached it. Bastard! Even the traffic light just mere metres before the car park tried to slow us down as much as possible by making us wait for the full cycle.

Finally we arrived, but wa it too late? It looked like the sunset might become ruined and we still didn’t know exactly where we would do the shoot, as everything looked ordinary. It was quite dark with the sun behind the clouds and extremely low on the horizon. We had to make a decision. Although it was low tide, the water hadn’t fully receded and I had my good shoes on. Good thinking David. Really thinking ahead there. Then I remembered the old highway that used to cross the peninsula, but was torn down due to it being too old and unsafe even for pedestrian access. At the same time Lilly-Rae must of had the same idea as she pointed to the old pillars still left standing. We scrambled over some rocks and slushed our way across muddy wet sand. The wind was biting even through clothes. It was an unseasonally cold snap in the last two weeks of winter.

Lilly-Rae was not too happy about getting undressed. Sure we had a major highway (the new one that replaced the old) right behind us, with thousands of cars scurrying across the bridge taking their weary owners home for the day. It was that blasted cold wind that gave her pause. We ll she is a professional nude model, so she grinned and literally bared it. She gave the best performance of her life in just mere minutes. The video shows the entire shoot from start to finish, with nothing cut or edited out. So you can see how quickly it was done.

Thank You Lilly-Rae, for putting in such an amazing effort in such harsh conditions. Something very few models could do without complaint. And the photos we feel are worth that seven minutes of pain. Nude art in its most raw form.

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