Is Nude Yoga Good For You?

Yoga has been around a long time now. Nudity has been around since we first could walk upright. Now the two come together as one. Nude Yoga. It is hailed as an incredible experience. Of being both vulnerable and empowered at the same time. The naturalness of it is soothing, calming, beautiful. Kathleen shows just what topless and nude Yoga is about.

However a 19 year old woman in the US has been charged for practicing nude yoga. Why? Because she did it outdoors in a park. The activity of nude yoga is fine apparently, but only indoors, or clothed, and if the authorities had their say, probably both indoors and clothed. It is the same activity. If she did it clothed then no one would have said anything. So why is the exact same activity ok clothed, but nude isn't. Why does the state of dress makes all the difference in defining a legal activity or not. It is a clothing choice, not a criminal act. She didn't try to stab someone or steal their purse. She just did yoga nude.

We think Kathleen is a great pioneer for doing nude yoga for us and shows just because she is nude, she is definitely not rude.

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