Swim Nude In The Sea

Why does the nude form suit the beach and the sea so well? This article and photos of Kathleen help to explore this issue. For at least 2000 years the nude form and the sea have been inextricably linked through art. One of the first paintings of a nude by the sea or coming out of the sea was Aphrodite Anadyomene from Pompeii. Why do we love the nude and the sea, or being nude when near the sea?

If you have not tried swimming nude before, then you really should put that on your bucket list of things to do. It is an experience, that many can only say, "is the most natural thing" they have ever done. "it feels right" is another common quote. I think we are linked to the sea, because we came from the sea. It is our past, our ancestry. We go to the sea, to relax. When we float in water it is one of the most relaxing and calming things you can do. Some people even meditate while just floating.

Have a look at a person when at the beach and they are fully clothed. Do they look a little out of place? Chances are the answer is yes. Now compare someone who is wearing swimwear. Does the person in swimwear looks a little less out of place than the clothed person? Yes? Now compare them to a nude person. Does the nude look a little less out of place than the one in swimwear? Does the person in swimwear look a little artificial, a modern construct? Some might say it looks natural, because we have a culture of bathing by the sea and when bathing it is done with as few items of clothing as possible. Then how did that cultural view come about? There was a time when bathing nude was a natural thing. It wasn't until a time of "morality" (read that as religion dictating how we should live), that swimming with clothing on, we forced upon us. However we are always drawn back to wearing as little as possible, and even swimming nude once again. Maybe we do have a vestigial genetic memory of our aquatic past? All I know is that we all love the freedom of bathing nude. We bathe nude at home when we bath or shower, so why not when we swim at lakes, rivers, by the sea or swimming pools? Also take a look at these images of Kathleen. Does she not look so natural and normal, by the sea, totally nude? Although nudity, is not a common sight in our culture and daily life, yet when we do see a nude by the sea, it does not look odd or out of place. It looks visually normal and natural.

Even though it was not a very busy beach, during our photo shoot, there were however quite a few people who walked by us as we took these photos. We even asked a few if we should stop, while they walked, by, but they all said, that it was fine, or like one lady in her early 50's commented "Keep going. Don't let me stop you". If we took these photos in the city on a crowded street, would we have had the same friendly response? Or is it because the nude and the sea are linked and it is a far deeper link than just culture and bathing? Is the city an artificial construct, where the natural nude form is disharmonious to it's concrete surroundings? Or is it a sad memory of the things we lost. The freedom to be nude when we feel like it?

In any case I think you will agree, that nudity and the nude form, especially in nature, is one of the "modern" natural wonders of the world. Kathleen's nude form, and wonderful lines, curves, and posture, is a very beautiful art form, because it is also a reflection, a three dimensional projection, of the beautiful spirit that lives within the physical flesh.....by the sea.

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