A Luxurious Healing Bath In Nature

Going to a day spa is a luxury not everyone can afford (and you can't be nude). However Kathleen discovers a sacred lake that is like a giant essential oils bath like those in luxury retreats.

There are several Tea Tree lakes in the area and each is amazing as the next. How it works it s that Tea Trees grown next to the shores of the lakes and as the leaves fall into the lakes, the oils of the leaves are leached out into the water. It colours the water brown and leaves a slight oily film on the surface. It really looks like a giant cup of tea. However the water is so soft and silky that is the most amazing feeling bathing within its; waters. No wonder why they say it is sacred. Well actually to the local Aboriginal people it actually was a sacred site for them.

When Kathleen turned up to bath in the waters another lady was already there having a swim. Kathleen told them that she was going to bathe nude in the lake and they didn’t have any issue with that. So if you ever get a chance to visit one of these amazing lakes, go for a swim, and you may even be able to do it nude, just ask, as most people really don’t mind, as long as you behave properly

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