Swim Nude

There was a time when people didn’t have bikinis, swimsuits, swim trunks or briefs. So how did people swim? How could they swim without those things? Simple. They swam nude of course. Kathleen is doing what our ancestors did for thousands of years before swimwear. She is swimming nude.

It's not only the natural way, it is the most sensible way. There is nothing embarrassing about nudity. It's fun, it's normal, it's comfortable, it's practical.

Swimming nude should be a real option. Not just in designated areas, but anywhere people can go for a swim. Anywhere. It's just swimming. If you can do something with clothes on, then you should be able to do the same activity without clothes. Swimming is possible the best candidate for this.

Kathleen will continue to swim nude anywhere she feels its safe. Swimming nude is just right.

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