Is Natural Beauty Best ?

This series with Kathleen is 100% natural. Not one photo has been edited or altered in any way. I wanted to show what true natural beauty looks like. Also bear in mind that Kathleen is over 30 years of age. She believes strongly in eating healthy and staying as natural as possible. This is the result.

I understand that our genes play a significant part in how we look, and how we age and how we change as life progresses, but our lifestyle, our choices, our jobs, our communities we live in , also play a significant part. We can all achieve the best result our genes will allow if we do the best we can for ourselves.

A lot of people lack confidence in themselves, or see flaws where there aren't any. There are so many beautiful women, that feel going under the knife to surgically correct a flaw is the only answer to happiness or beauty. Children do not see flaws in themselves, nor feel ashamed of themselves, until someone, somewhere says so. We can all remember a time, when somebody, intentionally or not, said something hurtful about our appearance. We then took that to heart, and hated that part of our bodies from that point on. Or we saw a tv show, or commercial, that pointed out a similar "flaw" to what you have. What if that event never took place? Would you still hate that part of your body today? Chances are no.

I think natural beauty is a rare thing these days, as people try to artificially make themselves beautiful. Some people online, even take on a whole new persona, sometimes even stealing others, to try to be someone other than themselves. Finding the beauty within yourself, finding peace by accepting who you are can be the most uplifting experience of all. It is like a massive burden being lifted and you can run for miles effortlessly.

Kathleen has her flaws (like anyone), yet she is happy to been seen in her most natural state. Not just nude, but without editing, just as she is in real life. True courage is to be your natural self. True happiness is accepting yourself for who you are.

P.S. I did not want this to become a natural versus fake breast debate, as the intent of this article was not this topic. However I know it will be brought up. So as a result I need to clarify something. Now before anyone brings up the enhanced breast debate, I need to clarify something. My views are that enhancement is fine if a person has had a disease, such as breast cancer or a birth defect that has a collapsed chest cavity and requires reconstruction, or if due to a body's imbalance one breast starts to become significantly larger than the other (there are a few models with enhancements on Nude-Muse that have had that happen and had them altered to even them out). However I feel that a healthy 18 year old woman should not be talked into getting their perfect breasts enhanced, especially for a job. At that age, I have yet to see any boobs that need fixing. I especially think that models should never get enhancements, just to get more "bikini comp" jobs or something similar. Having said that, why does Nude-Muse have models with enhanced breasts you may ask? The reason is that if we said no, then we would be hypocrites. There are photographers, and magazines that give preference, or simply won't work with models unless they have been enhanced. If we said no to enhanced models, then we would be no better than them. We would also send a message that we do not accept people's choices. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right for an individual to choose. No matter what our thoughts and beliefs, we will respect others. We may not agree with them, but we respect them.

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