Be Careful.

Many coastal sand dunes in Australia have a tough grassy plant that protects them from erosion. Some are well protected by the wind, Kathleen uses just one such warm sunny spot to get in some nude sunbathing.

When it comes to nude sunbathing most nudists (especially in Australia) are well aware of the dangers of melanomas (a very dangerous and aggressive form of cancer). Most people believe that its cause is just from excessive exposure to the sun. However most people are not aware that you don’t have to be a nudist or someone that spends a lot of time in the sun to get a melanoma. That you can actually get a melanoma on parts of the body that have not had direct sun exposure. My mother was one such victim.

Although she was an avid gardener she took all the precautions to make sure she never got burnt by the sun and covered herself as much as possible. Yet she one day purely by accident, found an unusual spot on a part of her body that never saw the sun. A visit to the doctor confirmed her worst fears. In November 2018 she passed away after a huge battle with what some have labeled an extremely aggressive from of cancer.

The entire year of 2018 was a massive mental battle for the entire family as we stuck by her side and helped her as much as we could. It was a massive drain on us all, both mentally and financially. 2018 is a year I will hate forever. As a result I was just “treading water” as far as Nude Muse the website was concerned.

However with a new year there is new hope, with new ideas, and new things to try. So stay tuned and see what happens.

As for nude sunbathing. By all means do it. Go nude and enjoy this life we are given. Avoid naysayers, avoid toxic people and situations. Just do what you love and enjoy. If you are going to sunbathe nude, if you are going to enjoy a nude lifestyle, like Kathleen loves, then please take precautions and get anything suspicious checked out as early as possible. The earlier you catch it, the higher your chances of surviving.

For reference Misty-Day was diagnosed with skin cancer and all she needed was a very simple procedure, because she was diganosed at a very early stage. So it doesn’t mean we should stop going nude. Just take precautions and get everything checked no matter how silly you think it maybe. It just may well save your life.

From Kathleen and the entire Nude Muse Team we hope 2019 bring a lot of joy, prosperity and good health to you all. Please make it the best year you can possibly make it and above all, stay nude everyone.

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