Kathleen is wearing half a bikini, then goes bikini-less. Less then a bikini or nude. Just a thought, do zombies wear bikinis or have there been nude zombies in pop culture? Just curious. Looking at these photos and what was, then looking forward to what might be and it almost seems like two totally different worlds. Like we have been transported to another planet or another reality. Do we live in a different world, or has the veil been lifted on the world we have been living in all this time? Beautiful nude Kathleen carefree and happy, will we ever go back to such times? I hope, but sometimes wonder.

Doing a quick search and seems like there was a brief nude zombie in zombieland. There is a movie called zombie strippers and zombie night. Why have there been such an increase in zombie movies and TV shows in the past decade? Why does Amazon have a zombie clause in their terms of service? Why have police and military conducted zombie apocalypse training exercises in recent years? What do they know and we don't?

What does this have to do with Kathleen being without a bikini? Nothing really, or everything. We live in such uncertain times, that at this point, from what we have seen so far, is a zombie apocalypse really so far fetched? Back in 2019 would anyone have believed that in just 2-3 years we would all be locked down for a plandemic, there would be food shortages, and that people would fight over toilet paper? What will happen in the next 2-3 years? Oh and look up 1p36 gene deletion and tell me if the symptoms sound familiar at all with "loss of speach and aggressive biting”. Just things to ponder and ask why.

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