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Living life or just going through the motions?

Waking up with the sun might not be everyone's idea of a great start to a day. However on this day Kathleen did wake up as the sun rose and it turned out to be a beautiful nude day.

She went to her favourite secluded beach and simply took off all her clothes and spent the day just having fun, going for a swim and enjoying life to the maximum. She discovered so many new things. Sea shells she has never seen before, dolphins jumping in the waves and beautiful flowers blooming.

Many of us live busy lives, and do the daily grind of waking up, going to work, go home sleep and do it all again. How many of you think that is really living? Is collecting things the most important thing in life? For some it seems that way. While others it seems that way for a while, then realise the world has much more to offer.

Kathleen is one of those people. She is very aware how short our time on earth really is and she makes the absolute most of it. If one day she feels like going nude on a beach, then she does that. Or on another day if she wants to meet up with friends or colleagues, then she does that. She is not caught up in the world worrying what people will think of her. She does what she wants and feels right for her. Who cares what a random person you will probably will never meet again thinks? Kathleen doesn’t.

You can of course live your life any way you feel is right for you. It is your live and your decision how you live that life. Kathleen has made her choice, and her’s is to be as healthy and happy as possible. If that means waking up at sunrise and going nude on a beach then that is exactly what she will do.

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