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You might be asking right now, what is skyclad? It is a ritual form of nudity. Kathleen is a very spiritual person attuned to nature and her surroundings that we thought it was appropriate for her to be skyclad.

Ritual nudity has been around longer than any other form. It’s roots go back for tens of thousands of years. It doesn’t have to be associated to a religion, wicca or paganism, it can also be for people who just love nature, or being one with their surrounds to feel a part of the earth. That is what Kathleen feels when she goes nude, or skyclad.

That doesn’t mean that all nudists are skyclad, or are doing it as a ritual. It is however what some people do. Being nude in nature, whether it is as a ritual, or just simply relaxing in the sun and the breeze, is a pleasant way to be. It's something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

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