Mystery Nude

No we are not talking about the comics version of Mystique. We are instead talking about the dictionary meaning of mystique. Jenni certainly has mystery and glamour associated with her. She is a well known international nude model, yet many know so little about her

We wont go into her personal life as that should always be kept private no matter who you are, but we will say that she is a genuinely lovely and friendly person. She is dedicated to her work and art. She literally puts her body on the line every time she steps in front of the camera, to achieve the best image possible. On a side note, Jenni was quite fascinated that Dannii is not just a makeup artist but also a model and TV presenter. In all the photo shoots she has done before, never has she had her makeup artist also go nude.

We are glad she did and even more humble to have worked with such a nice person. We certainly hope to work with Jenni again, should she come to this part of the world once again.

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