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The adult visual novel is going well. Already have 13 characters ready, a good chunk of the script done and have about 15 minutes of game play all wrapped up and done. Working as fast as I can while doing daily life stuff.

The next character is Bernadette, a pretty 25 year old blonde makeup artist who used to be a nude model and is thinking about getting back into it after she falls pregnant. Here is just a taste of her character and the last two with Tasha.

I re-did Tasha to look a bit more like her real counter part, but didn't actually go as far as making a splitting image. Just keeping the essence.

More will follow and might even give a little taste of the game soon.

** These images are PNG files so they are much bigger in size and a bit slower load for some people. Please wait till it loads to see the images once you click the thumbnail.

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