Textile Free.

When textile companies and fashion in general talk about “nude” clothes and are just referring to the colour of the fabric being close to the tone of skin, it shows just how out of touch people really are to their own nudity. Its like they now accept the being “nude” is just wearing more clothes. Flow and Laurelle demonstrate just what nude actually is, by taking off their clothes and showing their own nude coloured clothing. The actual nude clothes we are born in. Our skin.

Our skin is terribly undervalued. It's also incredibly funny that only certain portions of our skin is “acceptable” to being shown in public, while other parts of our skin are not. Even though it is all the same one piece of skin. That cognitive disconnect that so many people have had conditioned as being “normal” is actually frightening. This alone should show that people can be “programmed”.

As children we happily throw away our clothes and run around nude if the weather is hot enough. We do it naturally. Yet over time we are programmed to stop doing that. Not the running around, but the removing of clothing when comfort is desired. Being nude is the most comfortable feeling one can have.

For some nudity is terribly uncomfortable not in a physical way, but in feeling great shame and embarrassment. That is not how we are born. That level of discomfort is from terrible manipulation and programming to feel that way.

The good news is that it can be reset. There is a cure. The sure is simply taking off your clothes. Most will just do it in privacy, first going nude at home when nobody is around. For some it might be a secluded spot outdoors, like a quiet beach or forest. No matter how you do it, no matter how strong that “shame” is at first, just try it. You will be surprised just how quickly you become comfortable with your nudity. The reason? It's because we are born that way. Nude is our natural state. Flow and Laurelle can attest to that.

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