Birds of a feather, flock together. In the case of Evelyn and Penni, that is so true. Ever since these two met, they have been inseparable. They are so similar in many ways, despite first appearances being so different.

Evelyn and Penni compliment each other. Where one lacks the other fills the gap. They think alike yet having differing opinions on several things. It's like they are the odd couple, yet not.

It was interesting when filming this. There was no-body around the entire area, and yet when it came to getting undressed and start the photo shoot, a gentleman suddenly appeared on his bike. He had no idea of what was about to begin. We didn’t want to surprise or startle him so we asked if he was okay with us doing a nude photo shoot. I think you maybe able to guess the correct answer.

He continued to repair his bike while we did our work. Evelyn and Penni look fantastic together. The original idea was to fuse fashion with artistic nudity, and they did an amazing job of it. They both looked the part.

Without any feathers being ruffled (other than the ones by the wind), Evelyn and Penni had a great time and hope you enjoy their photos and video.

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