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Summer Time, Nude Time.

One of the most beautiful peaceful places to spend time in, is a summer garden. Trees are lush and green, flowers are blooming, birds are singing. Place into this scene the exquisite form of Evelyn’s nude physique and you have a scene that inspires admiration.

If there was ever a time when nudity should be acceptable everywhere, is summer time. Every park and beach should be classed as clothing optional. We all have seen nude bodies before. We all know wheat naked people look like. It is time certain people within our society accepts that and behaves in a sensible manner when they do see nude people.

People regardless of their state of dress is not what causes harm. Good people are good no matter their nudity or clothing. Clothing is not going to turn a bad person good. Nudity is not going to turn a good person bad. We need to stop this underlying subtext in how we talk about nudity.

Evelyn enjoyed the peaceful summer garden nude. There were workers and others alike in this garden. At first she was concerned that they maybe upset by her nudity. They weren’t. In fact they just carried on doing their job despite Evelyn's obvious total nudity. It proves that people can coexist nude without issue.

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