We have had requests for more stockings based themes. So when this idea of an Andy Warhol inspired stocking photo shoot was suggested, Evelyn jumped at the chance.

Long beautiful shapely legs are accentuated by these stockings, or is it the other way around? It is Evelyn’s legas that make these stockings looks good. Either way, she makes some beautiful fashion nude series that make such a wonderful use of legs as art.

On another note, as far as we know, stockings are clothes, so it should be fine for Evelyn go outside with this attire. As long as she is wearing clothes it should be fine, am I right? Because we all know that only clothed people are morally superior, and clothing separates us from the animals. All those dogs and cats dressed up are actually people once they have clothes on.

Evelyn will wear what she wants and if she wants to wear just a pair of stockings then so be it. We know she is a nice person, clothed or nude, and that is all that matters. Everything else is just one group trying to stop another from choice.

P.S. We chose to photograph Evelyn without any makeup whatsoever to show that even without consumerism, that in her natural state, Evelyn is a beautiful woman. Imagine women 200 years ago, before makeup was a common thing. This is how she would have looked like back then. It is something that we will explore bit by bit with different people over time as part of an ongoing long term project.

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