Nudity As Fashion

Nudity is a valid form of fashion as demonstrated by Evelyn. Our skin is the perfect nude colour that matches any accessory of any colour.

We can change our bodies to suit too. We can eat more to create a more curvy look or exercise to have a lean athletic look. Our skin is drip dry and stain resistant. One size fits perfectly.

Nudity not only can be fashion, it has been fashion for centuries. Our ancestors went around nude or semi nude without a care in the world. They only dressed for warmth, not because of any guilt, shame or embarrassment. The last three have been taught, no not taught, brainwashed into us from an early age that, that is the only way to see or think of nudity. That somehow seeing someone in their natural state is harmful. Clearly it is not harmful. It has been harmful to hide our nudity.

Bit by bit many celebrities, fashion houses and even us everyday people are starting to embrace nudity as fashion. There are more people posting nude and topless photos of themselves on places like instagram and twitter. Unfortunately places like instagram are still behind the times and will delete any image that isn’t censored, but at least people can post and ground has been made. Hopefully when a certain critical mass of people posting nudes of themselves will tip the balance and nudity will become a normal everyday part of life.

We are in a very precarious place right now, as things could tip either way. We will either tip the scales and nudity becomes normalised in the mainstream, or it tips the other way and we go back to the dark ages of nudity where any skin is seen as obscene.

Thankfully people like Evelyn will continue to go nude and show the nudity is fashion all of its own.

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