The Golden Age Of Nudity.

A nude sitting in a chair by a window, has been the inspiration for artists for centuries. It took photography to take it to the next level by giving rise to more poses, and exploring the nude further. It took digital photography and video to give the full experience and allow the viewer to fully appreciate the beauty of a nude form. In this case, Evelyn’s incredible nude form.

In this series we wanted to give a little bit of a retro feel and bring back the 70’s in a subtle way. Not fully, but in essence.

The 70’s was a time of real sexual revolution and new found freedoms. Woman had burnt the bra and where literally walking around braless. TV had discovered full frontal nudity and many movies and TV shows across the globe where showing nudity everywhere. The nudist movement had a huge surge in growth as uncensored documentaries showed the glory of nude living in all its naked splendour. Women where sunbathing topless on non-nude beaches. The sight of a bare breasted woman was as normal as a topless man.

It looked like our society, our culture had finally grown up and we could treat nudity in a normal way. Then it all changed in the 90’s and continued to decline from that point, till today, where any form of nudity is shadow banned on the internet. How did we manage to have a short golden age of nudity, only to see it disappear in a puff of smoke in a few short years?

We hope that bit by bit people will realise just how precious is our freedom, our right to roam the planet the way we were born. The way Evelyn does sitting by the window in a chair, totally, completely, utterly unfettered and nude.

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