Bottomless Fashion

Bottomless fashion with Evelyn isn't about starting a new fashion trend by walking around without pants. Although that would be cool (literally), its actually about showing that fashion when combined with nudity is a bottomless source of creative possibilities.

Imagine what creative items could come out of partial or full nudity. There are already bikinis that are crotchless or don't have panels that cover nipples. There are mesh tops like the one Evelyn is wearing, but imagine what else a creative mind could come up with if given a free reign to combine nudity.

Now that would be something to see. Maybe we should start a bottomless trend too like Evelyn has done here. Its definitely more comfortable and it is healthier, as the airing out of the genitals avoids things like bacteria and fungus from growing. Maybe bottomless fashion isn't just for looks but should be promoted for our health too.

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