The Perfect Combination

Sometimes you have to go through hell to find beauty like this. This beautiful spot, and amazing sunset and Evelyn’s magnificent nude body all combine in a perfect synergy of art, nude and environment.

Evelyn is very hard to get a hold of these days. She just travels so much with her modeling. She is in high demand and you can see why in these images. A stunning lady indeed. So when we had the chance to do another photo shoot and this was the last day before she left once again, we wanted something extra special. Penni was on hand to help out and add her unique style of moral support.

I this place might have a nice spot and the clouds where just the right amount to give a wonderful sunset. However the location was not easy to find. There were no tracks, it was heavy wooded area, the sun was getting low and we were running out of time fast.

To keep our minds off the bugs, the spider webs, the mosquitos, the heat, the 95% humidity, we made a story up about which one of us was a serial killer and would kill and eat the other two. It turns out in this story I was the victim being led by Penni and Evelyn to my untimely end.

On the way we found a nice spot, but it was missing that glorious sun. So off we went. More bugs, spiders and a false alarm about a snake, we could see a clearing of the woods in the distance. Stumbling out of the wooded area on to this grassy slope, with the sun in its full glorious golden glow setting behind the clouds, we made it but had no time to stare and enjoy the view.

Evelyn practically threw her clothes at Penni, while I set up the camera. In minutes the video was going and the sound of the shutter clicking began. The rest is in the photos. Enjoy!

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