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Feminine Beauty

Flowers are perceived as pretty, soft and feminine. Evelyn definitely fits all those descriptions but not limited to that. She is a far more complex. Yet if you distill down all that complexity, take away all the masks and props, you are left with images like these. A beautiful composition, a pairing of two forms of feminine beauty at it's best.

Is this the only type of femininity? Heck no. It is however one that we as a general population find beautiful and highly appealing. As hetrosexual males we are drawn by bioligy to this classic female beauty. As society grows in knowledge we are becoming more aware of the variety of human sexuality and types. However we should still remember that this is still an important aspect of human attraction. It is what drives so much of what we do.

Like it or not attractive people get by and large, better jobs, higher pay, and more privileged access to life, compared to their less attractive counterparts. We naturally want to reward what we find appealing. Is it shallow? Not in its basic form, but can be, when used to exploit. Then it is the exploitation that is questionable, not the underlying beauty of the individual.

It is natural for the less attractive to be jealous of those that are. However will you waste your time, energy and effort to drag them down? As it will still not change that beauty dynamic. Dragging another down, will not make you more attractive. Evelyn is who she is. She did not set out to look that way she does. She was born to it. As an artist one of the things in life that attracts us, is beauty. It makes us happy, it inspires, it helps counteract the less pleasant aspects of life.

Evelyn is a beautiful feminine woman. This series is simply a celebration, a classic depiction of that beauty. We hope you enjoy the artistry the Evelyn has helped to create.

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