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A Deeper Connection When Nude.

We all hear if we just listen. The calling of the sea. Evelyn heard it and responded with her stunning nude form for this installment of artistic nudes.

If we have access to the sea, we are all drawn to it at some time. We love the sounds of the waves crashing, the salty smell of the air as mist from the waves waft about. The calmness of it all, even when the sea gets angry. Is it our primordial genes, recognising our deep ancient ancestry? Is it the ambience of the setting? Or a mixture of all of these?

More and more people are beginning to recognise that any journey to the sea is best experienced when totally nude. The connection when nothing is impeding your contact with the environment is far deeper and more spiritual in some ways than when clothed. It is an experience that draws any who have tried it once, to go back and re-create that feeling over and over. Evelyn has experienced this, and she too is drawn to the calling of the sea, nude.

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