Winter Blues? No. Winter fun!

Endless blues skies and warm sunny beach. There is no better time to get naked and enjoy life. That is what Elly and Tzi did. Scarlett-Morgan was there to capture it all for Nude Muse Magazine. Yep all these photos were taken by her.

We are lucky to be in a place that even in the middle of winter the days reach 25 ℃ . Both Elly and Tzi are native to the area and are very comfortable with going nude. In fact both have stated that they will go nude even on non designated beaches.

It makes perfect sense. All beaches should be clothing optional. Swimming is best done nude. The beach is the perfect place for nudity if there ever was one. We have gone over the health benefits before. If we can have people swimming in tiny bikinis, through to Burkinis then surely nudity has to fit in there too. I am sure many people, even some nudists are offended by a burkini, but they tolerate it. Why doesn’t it work the other way around?

Elly goes even a step further. After she finishes her day at the beach, she will also go nude at the beach shower. She doesn’t mind if others are around. With the exception of one woman, no one sles cares either. Why do we make rules and laws to appease just one person. Or a very small minority? In the meantime Elly and Tzi will continue to go nude anytime they go swimming and make the most of beautiful days with endless blue skies.

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